Pastry Leaves

Yufka (filo pastry) is an indispensable element of Turkish cuisine. That’s why ready-made filo pastry is a blessing.

Food historians believe that filo pastry has long been a part of the Cetral Asian and Turkish culture. When yeast wasn’t yet invented, filo pastry was made by puring dough or Rolling it out on a round mteal plate; it therefore earned the title “the ancestor of pastries made of thin dough”. Due to the fact that it was convenient to make in the caravans, filo pastry’s story started in the Centrel Asia quickly spread to the Mediteranean and the Balkans.

Fortunately Turkey’s still home to old-school filo-pastry making. It’s possible to find a shop that sells it in every neighborhood.

Turkish housewives who are keen cooks are also skillful at finding good-quality ready-more filo pastry. They prefer thick filo pastry if they’re making tirit, and thin one for pastries or dessert.

Thin, crispy and delicate; yufka is the noblest of ingredients

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